Arbru Solar Brewery


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Phil Audet founded Canada’s first 100% solar-powered brewery in 2022. Phil used his experience as owner of a solar power insulation company to set up the 32 solar panels that provide approximately 13,000 watts of electricity to power the facility, with no backup generator.

Phil and the Arbru team are deeply committed to sustainability and have a strong sense of purpose driving their vision.

Arrbu is powered solely by the 32 solar panels located out back, able to power everything in the 2,400 square foot building. Phil can control how the power is distributed using an app on his phone. Even in severe weather and power outages, the business can keep the lights on.

Arbru’s goal is to create sustainable, eco-friendly beer using renewable technology, all while operating independently from the conventional power grid.  

Phil, previously the owner of a solar farm, has a passion for craft bear, and has stated that Arbru is the result of “combining two passions into one.”



In 2023, Arbru Solar Brewery won our Ben TeKamp Memorial Award at our 64th Awards of Excellence Gala!


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