St Lawrence Academy




St. Lawrence Academy (SLA) is an educational institution that provides an alternative education option for students in grades K-8. They offer comprehensive programming that emphasizes various aspects of personal development, including presentation skills, leadership development, public speaking, and the arts (music, drama, and visual arts). SLA also places a strong emphasis on fostering Christian character in today’s youth, instilling values and principles rooted in Christian teachings.

Service: St. Lawrence Academy offers the following services:

    •    Comprehensive Programming: SLA provides a well-rounded educational experience for students, incorporating various subjects and disciplines into their curriculum. They prioritize the development of presentation skills, leadership qualities, and public speaking abilities to prepare students for future success.

    •    The Arts: SLA recognizes the importance of artistic expression and offers opportunities for students to explore and develop their talents in music, drama, and visual arts. Through engaging arts programs, students can enhance their creativity and self-expression.

    •    Building Christian Character: As part of their educational approach, SLA focuses on building Christian character in today’s youth. They integrate Christian values and teachings into their curriculum and strive to cultivate moral and ethical foundations in students.

    •    K-8 Education: SLA caters to students from kindergarten to eighth grade, providing a supportive and nurturing learning environment that addresses the unique needs of each age group.

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