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Niipaawi Strategies is a leading Indigenous-owned and operated government and public relations firm. With a deep understanding of Indigenous rights, cultures, and protocols, Niipaawi Strategies provides specialized services to support Indigenous communities, organizations, and businesses in their engagement with government entities and the public. Led by a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and connections in Indigenous affairs, Niipaawi Strategies is dedicated to advancing the interests and aspirations of Indigenous peoples across Canada.


    •    Government Relations: Niipaawi Strategies offers strategic government relations services, helping Indigenous clients navigate the political landscape and build relationships with government officials at all levels. This includes advocacy, policy development, and legislative support to address issues important to Indigenous communities.

    •    Public Relations: Niipaawi Strategies provides comprehensive public relations services tailored to the unique needs of Indigenous clients. This includes media relations, community engagement, stakeholder management, and communications strategies to effectively convey messages and promote Indigenous interests.

    •    Indigenous Consultation: Niipaawi Strategies specializes in Indigenous consultation services, ensuring that Indigenous communities are meaningfully engaged in decision-making processes that may impact their rights, lands, and resources. This includes facilitating dialogue, conducting impact assessments, and supporting Indigenous-led consultation initiatives.

    •    Capacity Building: Niipaawi Strategies offers capacity-building programs and workshops to empower Indigenous individuals, organizations, and communities. These programs focus on leadership development, governance, advocacy skills, and cultural competency to strengthen Indigenous capacity for self-determination and success.

    •    Training and Workshops: Niipaawi Strategies provides customized training and workshops on topics such as Indigenous rights, treaty obligations, cultural sensitivity, and reconciliation. These educational initiatives promote awareness, understanding, and respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

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