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Leonard Group Financial Inc. is a well-established wealth management company with a history dating back to 1989. Over the years, we have grown and evolved into an incorporated firm, providing comprehensive financial security planning services. With a team of highly qualified professionals boasting over 80 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and maintaining strict confidentiality for our clients. Located in Eastern Ontario, our firm specializes in offering innovative and tailored solutions to individuals and business owners, helping them shape a secure financial future. We work closely with product, tax, and estate planning specialists to provide comprehensive expertise and assist clients in designing and implementing their personal financial security plans.


    •    Wealth management: We offer a range of wealth management services, helping clients grow and protect their assets, achieve their financial goals, and plan for retirement.

    •    Financial security planning: Our team provides comprehensive financial security planning services, assessing individual needs, identifying risks, and developing strategies to safeguard clients’ financial well-being.

    •    Confidentiality: We prioritize the confidentiality of client information, ensuring that all sensitive data is handled with the utmost care and security.

    •    Tailored solutions: We understand that each client’s financial situation is unique. We provide personalized solutions, taking into account individual circumstances and goals to create customized strategies.

    •    Access to specialists: Through our network of product, tax, and estate planning specialists, we have access to a wide range of expertise to address various financial planning needs.

    •    Implementation support: We assist clients in implementing their financial security plans, providing guidance and ongoing support to ensure the successful execution of their strategies.

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