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Kinsmen is an organization that fosters service work and fellowship among its clubs and members. Their primary objectives include personal development, improving business and professional skills, stimulating community involvement, fostering cooperation and understanding among nations and peoples, and serving the great needs of their communities. By promoting these values and goals, Kinsmen aims to create a spirit of unity, thought, and purpose throughout Canada.


    •    Personal Development: Kinsmen provides opportunities for members to enhance their personal growth and development through engagement with the association.

    •    Business and Professional Education: The organization educates its members in modern business and professional methods, promoting ethical practices.

    •    Community Enrichment: Kinsmen stimulates community involvement and encourages its members to actively contribute to the betterment of their communities.

    •    International Cooperation: The organization fosters a spirit of cooperation, tolerance, understanding, and equality among all nations and peoples.

    •    Unity and Purpose: Kinsmen strives to establish unity of thought and purpose throughout Canada, uniting individuals in working towards common goals.

    •    Community Service: Members of Kinsmen are committed to serving their communities and addressing their great needs.

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