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Ketchum Manufacturing Inc was established in 1913 by Zeb Ketchum. Ketchum is one of the world’s leading identification companies offering a wide range of identification products to meet your needs. With a rich history and expertise in the field, Ketchum stands out as a trusted provider in Brockville.


    •    Ketchum offers personalized name tags that can be customized with individual names and designs, providing a professional and personalized touch for businesses and events.

    •    Their durable labels are designed to withstand various environments, ensuring long-lasting identification and efficient asset tracking for organizations in different industries.

    •    Ketchum specializes in creating high-quality and eye-catching signage, tailored to specific needs and requirements. From indoor and outdoor signage to directional signs and wayfinding systems, they help businesses effectively communicate their brand and messages.


We are honoured to recognize Jason Baker for their outstanding contributions to the Ketchum Manufacturing Inc., and the broader business community. Their unwavering dedication, leadership, and commitment to excellence have made a significant impact on the growth and success of our town.

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