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Ken Holliday is a consultant with expertise in water treatment and industrial automation. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in integrating water management solutions with IT systems, demonstrating a passion for bridging the gap between water and the web.

Areas of Specialization:

    •    Water Treatment: Ken Holliday has extensive knowledge and experience in water treatment, including water quality analysis, purification systems, and wastewater management.

    •    Industrial Automation: He specializes in industrial automation, utilizing advanced technologies and systems to optimize operational efficiency and control processes in various industrial settings.

    •    IT Integration: Ken’s passion lies in merging water management practices with IT systems, leveraging technology to enhance data monitoring, analysis, and control in the water treatment field.

    •    Water and Web: By combining his expertise in water treatment with IT solutions, Ken aims to bring the worlds of water and the web together, facilitating smarter and more efficient water management practices.

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