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Greenfield Global Inc. is a leading alcohol production and distribution company that specializes in a diverse range of alcohol products. With a strong presence in the global market, they are known for producing fuel-grade ethanol, as well as industrial and beverage-grade alcohols.

Fuel Grade Ethanol: Greenfield Global produces high-quality fuel-grade ethanol that is used as a renewable and sustainable transportation fuel. Their ethanol production plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting cleaner energy alternatives for the transportation industry.

Industrial Grade Alcohols: The company offers a wide range of industrial-grade alcohols that are utilized in various sectors and applications. These alcohols are used as key ingredients in pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cleaning agents, and chemical manufacturing processes. Greenfield Global ensures that their industrial-grade alcohols meet the strictest quality standards for optimal performance in industrial applications.

Beverage Grade Alcohols: Greenfield Global excels in the production of beverage-grade alcohols, which are essential for the formulation of alcoholic beverages. Their expertise in producing high-quality beverage-grade alcohols enables them to meet the stringent requirements of the beverage industry. These alcohols are used by distilleries and beverage manufacturers to create a wide range of alcoholic beverages, ensuring exceptional taste and quality.

As a trusted provider in the alcohol industry, Greenfield Global combines technical expertise, state-of-the-art production facilities, and a commitment to sustainability. They continuously strive for innovation and excellence in alcohol production, meeting the diverse needs of customers across various sectors.


    •    Fuel Grade Ethanol Production: Greenfield Global specializes in the production of fuel-grade ethanol, providing a renewable and sustainable transportation fuel solution.

    •    Industrial Grade Alcohol Supply: The company offers a comprehensive range of industrial-grade alcohols for use in pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cleaning agents, and chemical manufacturing.

    •    Beverage Grade Alcohol Production: Greenfield Global produces high-quality beverage-grade alcohols that meet the strict requirements of the beverage industry, enabling the creation of exceptional alcoholic beverages.

    •    Technical Expertise and Innovation: With a strong focus on technical expertise and innovation, Greenfield Global continuously enhances their production processes to deliver the highest quality alcohol products.

    •    Sustainability: The company is committed to sustainability and takes measures to minimize their environmental impact through responsible production practices.

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