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Eternal Care Cremation is a compassionate and affordable alternative to traditional funeral services. The company is committed to offering families a respectful and eco-friendly approach to cremation, emphasizing simplicity and lower costs. The vision behind Eternal Care is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable funeral services provided by a locally owned establishment.


    •    Affordable Cremation Services: Providing affordable cremation options as an alternative to traditional funeral services.

    •    Modest and Respectful Approach: Offering a dignified and respectful approach to cremation, honouring the memory of loved ones.

    •    Eco-Friendly Solutions: Promoting environmentally conscious practices and utilizing eco-friendly cremation methods.

    •    Simplified Process: Streamlining the cremation process to make it more accessible and easier for families to navigate.

    •    Local Ownership: Supporting a locally owned and operated funeral service provider.

    •    Compassionate Support: Providing compassionate assistance and guidance to families during their time of loss.

    •    Cost-Effective Options: Offering affordable options without compromising the quality of service.

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