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Eastern Workforce Innovation Board is a non-profit, non-governmental corporation that brings together representatives from local businesses and labor organizations. The board is committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity by involving members from various backgrounds, including racial minorities, persons with disabilities, Francophones, women, educators, and trainers. By working collaboratively with community partners, the Eastern Workforce Innovation Board strives to identify and address labor market trends and issues within the region, aiming to create a more equitable and responsive workforce.


    •    Labor Market Analysis: The board conducts comprehensive analysis of the labor market, examining trends, skills requirements, and emerging opportunities.

    •    Workforce Development Initiatives: Eastern Workforce Innovation Board initiates programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills, employability, and career prospects of individuals within the community.

    •    Training and Education Partnerships: The board establishes partnerships with educational institutions and training providers to facilitate access to relevant training programs and educational opportunities.

    •    Employer Engagement: Eastern Workforce Innovation Board actively engages with local employers, fostering relationships and collaborating on strategies to address workforce needs and create employment opportunities.

    •    Advocacy and Policy Development: The board advocates for policies and practices that promote inclusivity, diversity, and equitable workforce development, contributing to the creation of a supportive and fair labor market.

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