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Eastern Engineering Group Inc is a reputable consulting firm committed to providing quality services that prioritize the best interests of its clients. Since its establishment in 1989, the firm has successfully completed over 6,500 projects, demonstrating its extensive experience and expertise. Serving Brockville and the surrounding areas, including Cornwall, Ottawa, and Kingston, Eastern Engineering Group takes pride in its employee-owned structure, ensuring a dedication to delivering high-quality work to its diverse client base.


    •    Structural Engineering: Eastern Engineering Group offers expert structural engineering services, providing innovative and practical solutions for various types of structures.

    •    Building Design: The firm specializes in building design, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing structures that meet clients’ specific requirements and adhere to relevant building codes and regulations.

    •    Transportation Engineering: Eastern Engineering Group provides transportation engineering expertise, offering solutions for efficient and safe transportation systems, including roadways, bridges, and traffic management.

    •    Municipal Engineering: The firm offers comprehensive municipal engineering services, assisting municipalities with infrastructure planning, design, and maintenance, ensuring sustainable and resilient communities.

    •    Land Development: Eastern Engineering Group supports land development projects by providing services such as site planning, land surveying, and infrastructure design, helping clients maximize the potential of their properties.

    •    Drainage Engineering: The firm specializes in drainage engineering, implementing effective drainage systems to manage stormwater and prevent flooding, enhancing the safety and functionality of the built environment.

    •    Site Plans: Eastern Engineering Group assists clients in creating site plans that optimize land use, considering factors such as access, parking, landscaping, and environmental impact.

    •    Parking Solutions: The firm offers parking design services, developing efficient and user-friendly parking solutions for various types of developments, ensuring adequate parking capacity and compliance with regulations.

    •    Insurance Reports: Eastern Engineering Group provides comprehensive insurance reports, assessing the structural integrity and safety of buildings, helping clients make informed decisions regarding insurance coverage and risk management.

    •    Electrical and Mechanical Engineering: The firm offers electrical and mechanical engineering expertise, delivering solutions for efficient and reliable electrical systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and other mechanical systems.

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