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Cway Pest Control is a trusted and locally owned pest control service provider serving the Brockville, Kemptville, and Cornwall areas. With a focus on removing rodents and insects from residential and commercial spaces, Cway Pest Control offers professional and reliable pest management solutions. Cway Pest Control strives to deliver exceptional customer service, utilizing their expertise and experience to ensure that homes and commercial spaces are pest-free and comfortable for occupants.


    •    Pest Removal: Cway Pest Control specializes in the effective removal of rodents, such as rats and mice, as well as a variety of insects commonly found in homes and commercial properties. Their skilled pest technicians are trained to identify and address pest infestations efficiently.

    •    Professional Technicians: Cway Pest Control takes pride in having highly trained and professional pest technicians who are knowledgeable in the latest pest control techniques and strategies. They provide expert guidance and employ safe and effective methods to eradicate pests and prevent future infestations.

    •    Insured Services: Cway Pest Control carries insurance coverage to mitigate any risks associated with their services. This commitment to insurance coverage provides peace of mind to customers, knowing that they are protected in case of any unforeseen incidents.

    •    Local Expertise: As a locally owned and operated company, Cway Pest Control understands the unique pest challenges faced by homes and businesses in the Brockville, Kemptville, and Cornwall areas. They have in-depth knowledge of the specific pests prevalent in the region and offer tailored solutions to address these issues effectively.

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