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The City of Brockville is the municipal government responsible for overseeing and managing the affairs of Brockville, a vibrant city in Ontario, Canada. Brockville offers a range of attractions, amenities, and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. As a designated safe community by the World Health Organization, Brockville prioritizes the well-being and security of its residents. The city benefits from excellent transportation links, including access to Highway 401, as well as air, rail, and shipping connections. With two international bridges in close proximity, Brockville enjoys seamless connectivity with neighbouring regions. The city boasts extensive fibre and wireless connectivity, providing superior bandwidth for businesses and residents. Strategically located in the Montreal and Toronto economic corridor, as well as the Nation’s Capital region, Brockville offers a central location for economic opportunities. Additionally, the city is part of a United Nations Biosphere Region, highlighting its commitment to environmental sustainability. Brockville provides serviced industrial land at competitive prices, with environmental audits ensuring its suitability for various industries. With the renowned 1000 Islands as its backdrop, Brockville offers a superior lifestyle with ample recreational and leisure options. The city benefits from a loyal and skilled labor force, with access to a range of talents and skills. Notably, Brockville holds the distinction of being Ontario’s oldest community, boasting a rich history and heritage.


    •    Designated safe community by the World Health Organization

    •    Convenient access to Highway 401, air, rail, and shipping transportation

    •    Proximity to two international bridges

    •    Extensive fibre and wireless connectivity with superior bandwidth

    •    Central location in the Montreal and Toronto economic corridor and the Nation’s Capital region

    •    United Nations Biosphere Region

    •    Serviced industrial land available at competitive prices with environmental audits

    •    Superb lifestyle options amidst the renowned 1000 Islands

    •    Availability of skilled labor and loyal workforce

    •    Ontario’s oldest community with a rich history and heritage

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