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The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is a trusted financial institution with nearly 75 years of experience working closely with business owners. They have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and are committed to helping businesses thrive and prosper.

BDC provides comprehensive support to small and medium-sized businesses across all industries, assisting them at every stage of their growth journey. Their services encompass both financial resources and expert advice to address the unique needs of each business. By combining money and guidance, BDC aims to empower entrepreneurs and foster their success.


Financing Solutions:

    •    Access to capital for business expansion, equipment purchases, research and development, and working capital needs

    •    Tailored financing options such as loans, lines of credit, and venture capital investments

    •    Expert guidance in structuring financing packages and accessing government funding programs

Consulting and Advisory Services:

    •    Expert advice and support from seasoned professionals in various business disciplines

    •    Assistance with strategic planning, market analysis, business model optimization, and operational improvements

    •    Specialized consulting services in areas like technology adoption, international trade, marketing, and human resources

Business Growth and Succession Planning:

    •    Guidance and resources for business growth strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and market expansion

    •    Succession planning assistance for business owners looking to transition or sell their businesses

    •    Support in developing leadership and management capabilities to ensure long-term sustainability

Entrepreneurial Networking and Learning:

    •    Networking opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential business partners

    •    Workshops, seminars, and educational resources to enhance business knowledge and skills

    •    Access to BDC’s extensive network of industry contacts, mentors, and business support organizations

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