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Brock Shores Financial, led by Timothy Ross, is a reputable family office providing comprehensive financial services since 1988. With a focus on Omega Stewardship, they assist individuals and business owners in achieving their major life goals through a one-stop, process-driven approach to retirement and income planning.


    •    Retirement & Income Planning: Brock Shores Financial offers personalized strategies and solutions to help clients effectively plan for retirement and manage their income. They consider individual circumstances and long-term goals to develop customized retirement plans.

    •    Personalized Tax Management Solutions: The firm provides tailored tax management solutions for both individuals and business owners. They work closely with clients to optimize their tax strategies and minimize tax liabilities, maximizing financial efficiency.

    •    Confidential Wealth Management Solutions: Brock Shores Financial offers comprehensive wealth management services designed to preserve and grow clients’ assets. They take a confidential and personalized approach, considering individual risk tolerance and financial objectives.

    •    Mutual Funds through PEAK Investment Services: As part of their investment services, Brock Shores Financial provides access to a wide range of mutual funds through their partnership with PEAK Investment Services. This allows clients to diversify their portfolios and align their investments with their financial goals.

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