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Manufacturing & Production


Axens Canada is a renowned company that holds a prominent position in the global market as a provider of cutting-edge technologies, catalysts, adsorbents, services, and equipment. With a wide range of applications spanning various industries, including oil refining, petrochemicals, gas processing, renewable and alternative fuels, and water treatment, Axens Canada’s products are trusted and utilized by major industrial plants worldwide.


  • Technology Solutions: Axens Canada offers innovative and efficient technology solutions for oil refining, petrochemical production, gas processing, and more. These solutions are designed to optimize production processes, improve product quality, and enhance overall plant performance.

  • Catalysts and Adsorbents: The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of catalysts and adsorbents that play a crucial role in various industrial processes. These catalysts and adsorbents enable efficient conversion, purification, and separation of feedstocks, resulting in higher yields and improved product properties.

  • Equipment and Systems: Axens Canada offers a range of equipment and systems required for industrial operations. This includes reactors, heat exchangers, distillation columns, and other essential components that are designed and engineered to meet specific process requirements.

  • Technical Services: Axens Canada provides a range of technical services to support customers in maximizing the performance of their plants. These services include plant optimization studies, troubleshooting, process simulation and modeling, catalyst regeneration, and performance evaluation.

  • Training and Consulting: The company offers training programs and consulting services to enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals in the industry. These programs cover various aspects of process technologies, catalyst handling, safety procedures, and industry best practices.

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