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1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises offers a delightful and enriching experience aboard their comfortable and fast cruise ships. With a focus on Canadian identity and culinary delights, their cruises provide a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the St. Lawrence River and the renowned 1000 Islands region.


  • Cruising Adventures: Enjoy a variety of cruising adventures that showcase the best of the 1000 Islands region. Whether it’s a sightseeing tour, a lunch or dinner cruise, a sunset cruise, or a special event cruise, there are options available for all preferences and occasions.

  • High-Speed Catamaran: The Wildcat, a high-speed catamaran, is a key highlight of the 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises fleet. Step aboard this cozy and beautiful vessel for a thrilling and comfortable adventure on the water. The catamaran offers a smooth and fast ride, allowing you to cover more ground and make the most of your cruise experience.

  • Scenic Views and Sightseeing: Immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands. Take in the picturesque landscapes, charming waterfront cottages, historic landmarks, and the diverse wildlife that call this region home.

  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in a culinary journey while cruising the 1000 Islands. Experience delicious dishes prepared by skilled chefs, showcasing local flavors and ingredients. Whether it’s a brunch, lunch, or dinner cruise, the onboard dining options are designed to enhance your overall experience.

  • Family-Friendly Fun: 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises caters to guests of all ages. Families can enjoy a range of onboard activities and entertainment, ensuring that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time on the cruise.

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We are delighted to celebrate 1000 Islands Seaway Cruises for their remarkable contributions to the tourism industry. Their exceptional hospitality and commitment to providing unforgettable experiences have significantly enhanced the reputation and allure of our destination.

Congratulations to Captain Andy and team on their 30 year milestone in 2024! 


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