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Description: (cc) is a comprehensive real estate service provider catering to both buyers and sellers. With their innovative approach, they offer a range of services to facilitate real estate transactions.


    •    Seller Services: (cc) assists sellers in listing and marketing their properties. They provide comprehensive support throughout the selling process, including professional photography, virtual tours, yard signs, and online listings. Sellers can also access helpful resources and tools to effectively showcase their properties to potential buyers.

    •    Buyer Services: (cc) helps buyers find their ideal properties by offering a variety of listings and resources. Buyers can search for available properties, view detailed information and photos, and connect with sellers directly. This streamlined approach allows buyers to have more control and transparency throughout their property search.

    •    Full Service Real Estate Products: (cc) provides a range of real estate products to support both buyers and sellers. Whether it’s pricing guidance, negotiation assistance, legal documentation, or other related services, they aim to simplify the real estate process and ensure a smooth transaction for all parties involved.

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