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Harvey’s 2437 is a burger restaurant that takes pride in crafting delicious and satisfying burgers. With a focus on quality and taste. Harvey’s makes YOUR burger a beautiful thing!


    •    Burgers: Harvey’s offers a variety of mouthwatering burgers, including classic beef burgers, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, and specialty burgers with a range of toppings and condiments.

    •    Customization: Customers have the option to customize their burgers with a selection of fresh toppings, sauces, and cheeses, allowing them to create their own unique flavour combinations.

    •    Quality Ingredients: Harvey’s uses high-quality ingredients to ensure the best taste and texture in their burgers. This includes fresh beef, locally sourced produce, and carefully selected toppings.

    •    Meal Options: In addition to burgers, Harvey’s provides meal options that include sides such as fries, onion rings, and poutine, as well as refreshing beverages.

    •    Dine-In and Takeout: Customers can choose to dine in and enjoy their burgers at the restaurant or opt for takeout to savour the deliciousness at their preferred location.

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