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Gustin Quon is a nationally registered firm that specializes in assisting businesses in Canada with the application process for federally funded grants, including CDAP (Canada’s Development Assistance Program).


  • Grant Application Assistance: Gustin Quon offers comprehensive support and guidance to businesses seeking to apply for federally funded grants. Their experienced team helps navigate the complex application process, ensuring accurate and compelling submissions.

  • Eligibility Assessment: They conduct a thorough assessment of businesses’ eligibility for various federally funded grants, including CDAP, to determine the best fit and maximize the chances of securing funding.

  • Grant Proposal Development: Gustin Quon assists in the development of persuasive grant proposals, including crafting compelling narratives, conducting research, and compiling all necessary documentation to increase the likelihood of grant approval.

  • Grant Management and Compliance: Once a grant is awarded, Gustin Quon provides ongoing support to businesses in managing and complying with grant requirements, including reporting, monitoring, and compliance with funding guidelines.


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