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DRP Inc. is a dynamic and customer-focused company dedicated to streamlining your business operations and maximizing profitability. With a strong emphasis on innovation and solutions-oriented approaches, we specialize in minimizing costs and reducing after-sales expenses that can impact your bottom line. 


    •    Warranty and Returns Program Management: We take care of the entire backend process, from receiving and inspecting returned items to handling repairs, remanufacturing, refurbishing, repackaging, and efficient distribution.

    •    Customer Support: We provide exceptional customer service to ensure smooth interactions and satisfaction throughout the warranty and returns process.

    •    Small Appliances and Power Tools: We have extensive experience in managing warranty and returns for products in the small appliances and power tools market, ensuring efficient handling and cost-effective solutions.

    •    Electronic Devices: From televisions to set-top boxes and other electronic devices, we have the expertise to manage the warranty and returns process for your products, ensuring customer satisfaction and cost savings.

    •    E-commerce Solutions: As an e-commerce-focused enterprise, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of managing warranty and returns for online sales. We offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your e-commerce business.

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