Bill McKinnon- SO LO Social Local (YPN Member)




SO LO Social Local is an entertainment company based in Brockville, Ontario. With a strong passion for live music, their mission is to deliver exceptional live music experiences to their audiences. They strive to bring culturally relevant and innovative entertainment to the community while also providing a platform for local bands and artists to showcase their talent and gain exposure. SO LO Social Local curates a diverse lineup of performers, musicians, bands, and vendors who contribute to the vibrant music scene in Brockville and the surrounding region. Through their efforts, the company has established a reputation for discovering and promoting local acts, contributing to the growth and recognition of talented artists in the area.

Service: SO LO Social Local offers the following services:

    •    Event Booking: The company specializes in booking performers, musicians, bands, and vendors for various events, including concerts, festivals, and community gatherings. They curate lineups that reflect cultural relevance and innovation, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable experience for their audiences.

    •    Talent Promotion: SO LO Social Local actively supports and promotes local bands and artists, providing them with opportunities to showcase their music and gain exposure. By featuring local talent in their events, they contribute to the growth and recognition of the local music community.

    •    Audience Engagement: The company focuses on creating engaging experiences for their audiences, fostering a sense of community and connection through live music events. They strive to bring high-quality entertainment that resonates with the local community and provides memorable experiences.

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