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Bell Media Inc. is a leading Canadian media company that owns and operates a wide range of television, radio, digital, and out-of-home advertising assets. In Brockville, Bell Media is responsible for the local radio stations 103.7 Bounce and 104.9 Move, which are part of the Bell Media Radio network.


  • Radio Stations: 103.7 Bounce: This radio station delivers a mix of contemporary hit music, pop culture content, and engaging on-air personalities. Listeners can enjoy popular music genres, entertaining morning shows, and interactive segments. 104.9 Move: With a focus on adult contemporary music, 104.9 Move provides a wide range of popular hits, along with lifestyle and entertainment news. The station offers a mix of music and engaging talk shows.

  • Local Content and Community Engagement: Bell Media Brockville is committed to serving the local community by providing relevant news, information, and entertainment. The stations cover local events, news stories, and community initiatives, keeping listeners connected to the happenings in Brockville and surrounding areas.

  • Digital Platforms: Bell Media’s digital platforms allow listeners to access the radio stations’ content online, through websites and mobile apps. This enables audiences to enjoy their favorite shows, music playlists, and exclusive content anytime, anywhere.

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